Business Cards Single Sided

Affordable & Elegant UV Coated Glossy Business Cards.

Stand out from the competition with Super Gloss UV Finished business cards. The ultimate presentation. Many other printers charge a small ransom for this added luxury, but due to our streamlined production process, we can include it in our off line finishing process. The UV coating enhances the look and feel of your custom designed business card. The blacks are richer. The colour is pronounced, and the UV coating is so nice it sets you miles apart.

Printed single sided in full colour on thick 16 point premium card stock, we also offer second side printing, rounded corners and numbering. As an added feature, and to increase your presence beyond your competition, we will print a current calendar year on the back of your business card if you so request. What better way to "ADD" longevity to your message?
When you use our online design tool, you can create your business card exactly as you want them. Don't be discouraged if you have already built your business cards or marketing material, you can "UPLOAD" those print ready PDF files directly to us and still take advantage of the exceptional prices and features we are offering you. If you need some "HELP" designing your card, please feel free to contact us.

Business Cards Single Sided

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Available Options


Calendar: Our calendar template features jan to dec months exclusive of holidays or events. The calendar will be printed in the identical orientation as the front your business card, meaning landscape for a landscape format, portrait/vertical for portrait/vertical format.

No UV Coating: The technique we use to produce these business cards is tied to a strict production process and time line. Our business cards have a UV Super Gloss Coating applied simultaneously through the card stock. If you have chosen NOT to have the UV Super Coating, your cards have to be removed from the Premium run and processed separately.

Numbering: Yes, we offer 4 digit (numbers ONLY) sequential numbering in either one or two positions on the front. This makes it the perfect way to track your event tickets or to offer a door prize entry for your event or social. Upon check out, you will notice a comments box. We need you to place your information there. Let us know the starting number and we will print the numbers sequentially. When you create your art work / design, you have to place your numbers where you want them (landscape or vertical only), and if you place the numbers over colored portions, you will either need to make the colours separate and contrast, or you will need to add a white box within your art so your numbers will be viewable. Keep your numbers well within the edges of your cut lines so the numbers don't get cut off. You are responsible for overseeing that. Please be aware of the lottery and draw laws and regulations that may apply to you when you create numbered business cards. 

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